Herb Jung

I am an honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Fine Art department, where I received the Elizabeth Greenshield Scholarship, and spent my graduating year studying painting in Florence, Italy. After graduating, I was an “indie” artist for numerous decades organizing my own exhibits, and was represented by Engine Gallery with Steven Schwartz for a number of years but currently I am happily back on the “indie” path. For the new year, 2019, I am moving away from the large floral and raven paintings which I pursued for a period of 12 years and am trying to do smaller works and working from “life” rather then photographs. Daily sort of poetic expressions rather then the weeks /months long complex compositions. It’s a change I’ve done throughout my career, either from large to small or small to large, to rekindle my enthusiasm and inspiration. Finally a little about my career as an artist. I was an art fundamentals painting and drawing instructor for the Toronto Board of Education and at Sheridan College and when I moved to Port Hope I sort of got away from teaching. On this website I’m going to try to resurrect that part of my career and also try my hand at writing as well.